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Toy Box Club was set up by old school friends Sheela Berry and Jessica Green.

As mothers to young children, they slowly witnessed their homes become engulfed in a teal wave of plastic. They were convinced there was a better solution for their children, their living environment, and for the planet.

Sheela, Jessica and Ruth (who joined TBC last year) are all friends from London. With 7 children between them, they know the toys that children really want to play with.

Over the last few years, the three partners have become the go-to experts in toys, sustainability and subscription boxes. They’ve spoken at festivals and academic Business School events, written articles for magazines and blogs, and featured in countless newspapers and Instagram accounts.



Short list—Children

Best Sustainable Monthly Toy Subscription - UK

Most Innovative In-Home Children’s Entertainment Enterprise

Most Eco-Friendly Children’s Subscription Service

Best Subscription

Best Subscription


The Environment is our Priority


We appreciate the paramount importance of a meticulous approach to hygiene. Before delivery to your home, all our toys undergo a rigorous cleaning process using non-toxic and bio-degradable Delphis Eco cleaning products.


We partner with the best European and American toy manufacturers. But to minimise our carbon footprint we select British companies wherever possible. For your peace of mind, we ensure all our toys are created by reputable brands, comply with the Toy (Safety) Regulations 2011.


Sustainability is integral to Toy Box Club. We believe whole-heartedly in the transformational potential of the circular and sharing economies.

As part of EARTH DAY 2021 we committed to a five-year roadmap, in which the toys we supply will be made principally of wood, or of recycled or bio plastic.

We’re delighted that many of the bigger toy companies are adopting more progressive policies on materials and packaging. Products reaching the market over the next few years will give parents more choice, and importantly, give their children more fun!

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Afterlife and Recycling

We aim for our toys, books and puzzles last a long time, and are delighted that our toys are well cared for by our members. However, when our toys have reached the end of their lives at Toy Box Club, where possible, we donate our toys to Kingston Hospital. Toys that don’t quite make the mark are recycled. 

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ABOUT Our Characters


The friendliest, craziest Jack in the box you’ll ever meet. He always has a smile on his face and is looking forward to welcoming you to our special club.

Bramble the Hobby Horse

He loves being taken for a gallop around the kitchen and will never buck you off!

Rosie the Dolly

She’s always cheerful and loves to play ball. She was named by her creator, talented artist Carly Lawson. Carly is one of our oldest and best friends and we’re proud to say she designed our logo.

Otis the Dinosaur

Named after Toy Box Club co-founder Jessica’s miniature dachshund. Like his namesake, Otis’ bark is worse than his bite. He’s actually everyone’s friend. Except the postman!

Eddie the Teddy

He’ll make everything better. You know you can sleep soundly with him by your side.