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Holiday Service

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Going on holiday in the UK with children?

Toy Box Club provides children up to 12 years old with big boxes of the best toys, books, puzzles and games. Whether it’s for a holiday, weekend or event. If you’re a tourist, a grandparent or a staycationer.

All we need is the children’s names and ages and we do the rest. The boxes come with a comprehensive list of contents so it’s easy to keep track of everything.  

Don’t bring it, borrow it.

  • Our one-off holiday boxes cost from £100 (including standard delivery and collection).

  • Boxes are tailored to the children’s age.


Because we know it’s your holiday too:

  • The delight of a box full of the best toys waiting for your smallest (and most important) guests is a wonderful start to their stay!

  • Our boxes are designed to provide peace for parents to relax whilst their little ones enjoy the thrill of new toys

  • Free up car space for other things. Our toys are waiting for them!

  • Our boxes are an easy and obvious add-on for a perfect family stay. 

We know that having the right equipment, the right books and the right toys when travelling with young children can turn a good holiday into a great one.



We work with some of the best hotels and holiday rental companies to bring their special guests a toy box full of toys, books and puzzles ready and waiting for them when they arrive.

We keep the process simple and can adapt to the needs of the hotels / properties.

Happy Children, Happy Holidays.

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