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monthly TOY bOX process

Toy Box Club couldn’t be simpler. Once set up, there’s little to do other than watch your child enjoy their toy boxes each month.

Here’s a step by step guide:

1. Fill in your details via our website to register.

2. You are taken to Go Cardless (our payment provider) to add bank details to set up a direct debit. No money is taken at this point. Go Cardless will send an email confirming your registration of bank details.

3. Add your child’s name and date of birth.
This helps us select suitable toys. 

4. Select to add a subscription for your child.
We’ll send you an email confirming your registration including the delivery date for your first toy box. 

5. Payment.
Once you have added a subscription, we deduct £70 from your bank account - £35 for your first toy box and a £35 refundable deposit (given back at the end of your subscription).

6. We get your child’s toy box ready.

7. We deliver the toy box to your door via DPD, DHL, In-house courier.

8. Attached to the toy box is delivery note listing all toys including instructions if needed. 


9. Your child enjoys playing with their toys for the month.
If your child grows attached to a particular toy, they can keep it for an extra month or you can purchase it.

10. A week before your child is due their next box and again a day before, we’ll send an email to you confirming the delivery date.
Out for the day/Away? Don’t worry, we can change the delivery date if needed.

11. We deliver the new toy box and at the same time collect the old toy box.
Forget to return a toy or missing a part? Not a problem, you can return it in your next box.  

12. The old toy box is cleaned thoroughly and prepared for our next little customer. 



As a Toy Box Club member, simply send an email to us requesting the bigger toy that you want rent. We’ll send this to you when we send your next monthly toy box. Both delivered at the same time. When you no longer need the big toy or you want a different big toy, we simply collect it / swap it when we swap your monthly toy box.